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Determinant Attributes

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❶Results from twelve studies provided the opportunity to identify determinant attributes in retail store selection. Consumers have certain needs when they buy products.

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Determinant attributes in marketing are those aspects about products and services that determine why consumers buy products. These attributes may vary among different types of products, depending on which industry a small company is in.

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“Determinant attributes are those attributes that actually determine the buyer’s final choice of service. A determinant attribute does not have to be the most important attribute but it is the attribute that the consumer uses to ultimately distinguish one service offering from .

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More examples of determinant attributes In the following three example of airline advertising, you can see that the airline is not advertising or promoting its core service. In the case of an airline, its core service would be flying people to certain destinations. Answer Determinant attributes are the characteristics that are important to your customers, yet distinguish your products or services from competing products or services.

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ABSTRACT - Results from twelve studies provided the opportunity to identify determinant attributes in retail store selection. Generalizations of the findings appeared possible in light of the variation among the studies in terms of retail environment, market differentiation, and national boundaries. When a query is submitted that references any one of these attributes, the Month determinant is the first determinant on which the matching criteria is satisfied. If no other attributes are required, the evaluation of determinants stops at Month and this determinant is used for the group and for clauses in the SQL.