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❶To determine the presence of fecal impaction, the nurse prepares Joan for which prescribed procedure? Constipation related to surgery and anesthesia.

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Evolve Case Study Answers Thyroid Case Solution
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Would anyone very seriously contemplate steering clear of radioactive iodine therapy for an present thyroid cancer thanks to a theoretical Increased likelihood that there'll be one further case of breast most cancers in , these kinds of clients more than the system of 20 years?? I undoubtedly hope not.

Remember to Be aware that thyroid hormone therapy is usually resumed 24 hours just after radioactive iodine treatment, Although the post-therapy full human body scan could be performed at two-ten days later, due to the fact this scan evolve case study answers thyroid pictures radioiodine taken by the tumor throughout the 1st day only.

The dedication of what a patient need to be given for a selected thyroid cancer cure require continues to be someone conclusion with the doctor and is strongly affected by the teaching and experience or absence thereof of that particular physician. Even among the physicians who're regarded as "professionals" in the field, the choice of treatment dose can differ by over fold for virtually any certain circumstance.

Antiangiogenic therapy is certainly a viable path to take care of quickly proliferative non-iodine-avid thyroid cancers. My laboratory has actually been pursuing this path for a number of decades. We've just released a reasonably profitable medical demo applying thalidomide.

If persistent tumor within the neck is unresponsive to radioactive iodine, exterior beam radiotherapy is the appropriate therapy following macroscopic as opposed to microscopic tumor is surgically taken out.

Alternatively, should the biopsy be done with immunocytochemistry done to determine when they contain thyroglobulin along with the cells within the breast nodules stain positively for thyroglobulin proving them to become thyroid most cancers metastases then the new radioactive iodine scans need to be examined to discover Should the breast nodules experienced taken up radioactive iodine.

This may have great importance about further cure alternatives soon after surgical therapy. After a surgeon will make an incision inside the neck for thyroid most cancers surgical procedure, it leaves a wound after which you can it results in being a scar.

Constipation secondary to decreased peristalsis postoperatively is not considered a poor surgical outcome. Multiple factors surrounding abdominal surgery can lead to decreased peristalsis.

An adult needs 1, to 2, ml of fluid daily to prevent hardening of the stool. The cause of the problem should be determined since this is a component of the diagnostic statement. This diagnostic statement uses the correct format and identifies both the problem and the etiology. Laxatives stimulate peristalsis so that the bowel contents can then be expelled. Surfak is a stool softener. The desired effect is to soften hard stool alter the consistency for ease of elimination. The administration of a rectal suppository is contraindicated in the presence of rectal bleeding, so this assessment is the most important.

Deep breathing promotes relaxation of the anal sphincter, thereby reducing discomfort when the suppository is inserted. This documentation correctly identifies the medication, the dose, the time, and the route of administration, as well as the reason for administering the medication. This documentation provides the most specific objective data related to the effectiveness of the suppository.

To determine the presence of fecal impaction, the nurse prepares Joan for which prescribed procedure? Digital rectal examination is the procedure performed to assess for the presence of fecal impaction. The task should not be delegated to the UAP because it is an invasive procedure that places the client at risk. The UAP can be assigned to assist the nurse with client positioning. Assisting in this manner provides an opportunity for the nurse to teach the UAP that this is not a sterile procedure.

The nurse should use nonsterile gloves, which are less costly than sterile gloves, and lubricant for this procedure. A verbal prescription is legally permissible. The nurse should, however, take measures to ensure client safety because of verba; prescriptions can be a source of error. This assertive response teaches the healthcare provider the purpose of repeating back verbal prescriptions.

Rolling the clamp to stop the enema will stop or slow down cramping. When cramping decreases, start enema again by slowly releasing the clamp to begin flow. The conversion factors needed are: Fresh fruits are a good source of fiber, which is important for bowel regularity. Which breakfast selection by Joan indicates that she understands teaching about dietary measures to promote bowel regularity? Whole-grain cereals and fruits are good sources of fiber, which is beneficial to bowel regularity.

The nurse performs an abdominal assessment. In what sequence should the nurse perform the abdominal assessment? Inspection, Auscultation, Percussion, Palpation Rationale: In assessing bowel sounds, it is most important for the nurse to perform which action?

Listen for up to 5 minutes when auscultating for bowel sounds. How will the nurse record this finding? The surgery must have failed. It was supposed to make my intestines work better! Explain to the client the multiple factors that can decrease peristalsis postoperatively, even when desired surgical outcome is achieved.

The nurse explains to Joan that she has developed constipation, probably as the result of a number of factors. Joan has not been taking oral fluids well, but she has been receiving IV fluids. Her total fluid intake for the previous 24 hours was 1, ml. The nurse explains risk factors that can contribute to constipation. Which postoperative medication is most likely to contribute to constipation? Morphine sulfate, an opioid analgesic. The most common adverse effect of opioid analgesics is constipation.

This inadequate fluid intake has contributed to her constipation. Immobility is a major risk factor for constipation. Before establishing the diagnostic statement, the nurse needs to complete which task? Determine which factor is causing the problem. Constipation related to surgery and anesthesia. The nurse explains that the glycerin suppository will have a laxative effect.

How will the nurse explain to Joan the action of the laxative? The nurse explains to Joan that her healthcare provider has prescribed 2 medications: The nurse administers the first dose of docusate sodium Surfak.

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