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Steroids in Sports

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Many students, especially sports fans or students who play sports may have some first hand insight on this topic. Try not to be to bias when writing your thesis, but use what you already know to consider carefully both sides of the issue.

Where you land with your thesis will determine where exactly you are going to begin looking for research resources. This is where you really need to sort out truth and fiction, fact and bias- even newspaper reports or tabloids tend to take different angles on controversial topics so where you get your information on this topic will make a huge difference on the final outcome of your paper.

When you conclude your steroids in sports paper; you have to acknowledge that the topic isn't exactly black or white. In an academic paper you typically need to choose a side but that doesn't mean you need to stubbornly defend your argument. The best way to finish off a "controversial" debate is by acknowledging that there is a grey area and another side.

Don't get so caught up and blinded by your defense that it jeopardizes the quality of your final draft. I totally love your website! Hope our tutor could explain how to write essays like you. I am not a native English speaker so using this educational resource is a real gift for me. In the United States, steroids may be legally used for medical reasons with a prescription.

The primary medical uses for steroids are to treat delayed puberty, some types of impotence, and wasting of the body caused by HIV infection or other diseases NIDA Research Report, p. Many of the illegal steroids are smuggled in from other countries, illegally diverted from U.

The use of anabolic steroids goes back to the early 20th century. This was before the term steroid was ever used. In the late s, steroids were primarily developed to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which the testes do not produce sufficient testosterone for normal growth, development, and sexual functioning NIDA Research Report, p. Later, during World War II, scientists found that this artificial form of testosterone could be used to help malnourished soldiers gain weight and improve performance.

Scientists discovered that anabolic steroids could enable the growth of skeletal muscle in laboratory animals, which then led to the abuse of the compounds first by bodybuilders and weightlifters and then by athletes in other sports NIDA Research Report, p.

After World War II, athletes started using steroids to enhance their performance in competitions. In the Olympics, Soviet athletes, especially wrestlers performed at exceptionally high levels.

After learning that those athletes were using testosterone, Dr. Zeigler, an American physician, created a more selective form of what we know as anabolic steroids Ray and Ksir, From that time until the s, steroids became more popular beyond the Olympic athletes.

Professional sports players and high school athletes began using steroids. In , the International Olympic Committee banned steroid use in Olympic competition. Illegal sales continued to increase in the following years, and in , the first major federal regulation of steroids was introduced as part of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which solidifying penalties for the sale and possession of steroids Ray and Ksir, A couple years later, Congress passed the Anabolic Steroid Enforcement Act of , which placed anabolic steroids in the same legal class as amphetamines, methamphetamines, opium and morphine.

Additionally, selling steroids or even possessing steroids with an intent to sell may face up to five years in prison plus parole and sizable fines Steroid Law. There are several types of anabolic steroids used in professional sports. These steroids are categorized according to how they are put into the body. Anabolic steroids can be administered by three means: The people who use steroids are only cheating in sports and cheating their body of its health, as well.

Americans, themselves, are just lazy people and instead of working hard to. When we look at the reasons athletes insist on using these harmful drugs one can only blame the competitive nature of our society.

It appears to begin way back in early childhood when kids start to get involved in sports. Dads who push their children to excel in sports are only asking for trouble in the future. As kids grow up, they never want to disappoint their parents or themselves. It is said that kids as young as 10 years old are using steroids to do better in sports. Winning and being the best is what many people feel sports is all about. Winning and being the best bring recognition.

The violation of these laws is classified as a felony Yesalis All of the major sports federations have banned steroids and other drugs closely related to steroids. But athletes continue to take the risks and break the rules in order excel in their sport, which in some cases is their job, their livelihood. Those in favor of steroid use feel that you should be allowed to use the drug if it allows you to perform your job in a better way. The supporters go against all medical reports that prove the drug is harmful.

Advertisements and body building magazines try to mislead the public by stating that steroids can help people who are given prescriptions for the drug and therefore, since doctors prescribe it, it must be safe. But the majority of steroid use in the United State is illegal , with the drugs being smuggled in from other countries. If, for some reason steroids were to become legal, many changes would have to take place.

First, federal laws limiting and in some cases banning steroid use would have to be changed. Secondly, the sporting world would be devastated and severely impacted to the point of being turned upside down.

If the sports organization allowed the use of steroids in. This is not acceptable at all for any sports and in my. If steroids were legalized in general but still prohibited in the world of sports, as some suggest, the monitoring and control of the use of steroids would be extremely difficult.

Athletes still would be able to get their hands on steroids as easily as they can get aspirin. Medical experts have proven in extensive testing and research that the long-term use of steroids is harmful to the human body.

However, long-term use of steroids is what is needed for athletes to obtain the muscular build and strength they desire. Therefore it is certain those that individuals who use steroids for that reason will suffer serious complications that put their bodies at risk.

Research Paper: Controversy of Performance Enhancing Drug Use

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Writing a steroids in sports research paper. The topic of steroids in sport makes for an excellent topic in a research paper. The topic is current and given a lot of publicity whenever a top ranking professional sports person is charged over drug use in their sport.

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- Steroids and Sports Steroids, ever since their introduction into the sports world five decades ago, they have been a controversial issue (WebMD medical news). Anabolic performance dates as far back as .

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USE OF STEROIDS IN SPORTS ABSTRACT My research topic was based on the use of steroids in sports. I wanted to know why athletes take steroids, which sports enhance the use of steroids and the side effects of using steroids. Scientists discovered that anabolic steroids could enable the growth of skeletal muscle in laboratory animals, which then led to the abuse of the compounds first by bodybuilders and weightlifters and then by athletes in other sports (NIDA Research Report, p. 2).4/4(1).

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The free Steroids research paper (Steroids In Sports essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Steroids, use the professional writing service offered by our company. Steroids in sports When it comes to sports and non-prescribed anabolic steroids there has been an ongoing controversy between numerous of the professional sports players, professional sports leagues, their fans, and the government and congress/5(1).