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Literature/In the Heat of the night term paper 329

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Literary Criticism and Significance

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To the American people, the black people had only one purpose and that was as slaves. But we know now that the only difference between black and white people is color.

The writing on this essay is black. Does that mean I am racist? Does this mean the color red is better than the color blue just because it looks different? That is for you to decide.

In the Heat of the Night, takes place in the southern states in the sixties. In the book and the movie there is a lot of racism and the only black people present were working on the cotton farms.

In the book, the conclusion is devoted to tying together "loose ends" and unraveling the mystery of the murder of Enrico. The movie and the book differently portray the subplots that merge together at the end of the story to reveal the solution to the murder plot.

As well the development in the movie and the book of the relationship between Sam Woods and Dewana offers hope to the hate and the racism. Racism is also portrayed in the book and movie in very much the same way. Important characters in the book and movie undergo significant changes. In the movie and book In the Heat of the night, the solution to the murder plot was similar but with a few differences. The murder was committed by Ralph, the cook, because he thought that Deloris, his girlfriend, was pregnant and tried to cover this up by accusing Sam Woods of raping her.

Tibbs discovered that Ralph was the murderer because he realized that there was no one else that met his profile of the murderer. He realized that the police were being setup by Deloris and that Ralph was right handed. In the movie the murder was committed by Ralph, but the development of Ralph as a suspect only came to light when Tibbs went to the abortionist and saw Ralph in the shadows.

The murder plot ends with the murder of Deloris brother and his final confession in the police station. The development of the romantic plot in the movie and in the book are somewhat different. For example in the movie there is no love except for thelove affair between Ralph and Deloris. Racism and hatred leave the white citizens of Sparta alone and distrustful, when a relationship develops between Tibbs and the chief when they have dinner and get drunk the town feels betrayed.

The only other relationships that exist in the movie are between the black people. They seem to be the only ones who have children. In contrast, Ralph and Delores have to seek out an abortion. The only normal relationship in the white community was that of the murder victim and his wife, who broke down after hearing of her husbands death. Unlike the movie, the relationships in the book were more obvious. For example, the Endocotts, who seemed to be northerners with more modern attitudes and were willing to open up their house to black visitors and promote the music festival for the town of Wells.

The other relationship that developed was between Sam Woods and Dewana, the murder victim's daughter. This relationship flourished in a home free of prejudice. Dewana is driven to develop a relationship because of the closed mindedness of the town and its citizen including Sam Woods.

While there were differences between the book and the movie, in the movie the approach to relationships and the examples of racism were very similar. In the book, racism is obvious from the arrest of Tibbs who is arrested because of his color and assumed guilty. Once cleared, he is given a car. Unlike the police vehicle that white officers drive Tibb's car is suited for only a black man. In the book, the prejudice starts at the town mayor who feels threatened by Tibb's investigation.

This feeling passes down through the police force. The other white citizens react in the same way as the mayor and go after Tibbs in a vigilante manner by attempting to assault him. The Mayor and the Chief are less blatant by using verbal attacks. The Mayor wants to use Tibbs as a scape goat. If Tibb's solves the murder, the chief gets the credit and if he doesn't Tibb's gets the blame. Like the book the movie, expresses racism with Mr. The main conflict in both the movie and story is a murder, but they are totally different.

Different people, place and victim from the story, which changes what the plot is about. In the Heat of the Night has some big conflicts, not only dealing with racism, prejudice and stereotypes.

The characters in the novel and movie differ, yet have some similarities. There are the officers, Sam, Virgil and Bill, who are the same people in the novel and movie but have many differences. For example, in the novel, Chief Gillespie is tall and well built, and in the movie he is short, chubby, and always chewing gum really loudly.

But in the movie, Virgil talks back almost every single time someone talks rude to him, and he is also rude in the movie about some things. I never got to meet him, but I heard talk.

Another big difference was the setting of the novel, because in the movie they are in Sparta, Mississippi, and in the book they are located in Wells. Also, in the novel Virgil Tibbs is from Pasadena, California. The theme of this story is racism and how people dealt with it or were treated in the s. The theme is fairly important, but the theme is pretty much the same in the novel and movie, they are both about racism, but it is sometimes portrayed in different ways.

When those gentleman get through maybe one of them will bring a carton out to you. In conclusion, the characters, conflict, setting and theme all have different parts and meanings in the movie than the novel.

The characters are the strongest difference from the story and the movie, and go with the conflicts, setting, and theme. In the Heat of the Night has plenty of differences between the movie and novel that change the storyline a bit because of the different setting, characters, but it mostly changes by conflicts.

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John Ball’s In the Heat of the Night has become a classic work since its publication in In the Heat of the Night was released to positive reviews and won the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best First Novel, an award that recognizes exceptional work within the mystery genre.

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Free Essay: In the Heat of the Night made it’s debut appearance in and received and Oscar for Best Picture. The rustic and quiet town of Sparta.

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'In the Heat of the Night' Essay  In the film ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ it was portrayed as a civil rights parable and as a crime drama. The film was released in three years after the Civil Rights Act was legislated; therefore. The plot of In the Heat of the Night revolves around the murder of a well-known maestro in a small southern town, and also includes the many underlying human conflicts between the two main characters.

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In the heat of the night Essays: Over , In the heat of the night Essays, In the heat of the night Term Papers, In the heat of the night Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. In the Heat of the Night: Film Synopsis Essays Gillespie’s humiliated after learning that Tibbs is the number one detective in the Philadelphia homicide department and came to Sparta to visit his mother.