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❶If you are unsure, ask your health care provider for credible Web sites.

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You search term should be as concise as possible, while still covering the area you would like to find. You should attempt to form keywords main topic of research , phrases avoid common phrases unless they are placed in quotes and terms that describe your topic. The search should use nouns and pronouns as keywords when possible with the most important terms being placed first.

Many search engines operate by Boolean operators which are set theory based and include the terms and, or and but among other terms. A good search should be stated in the terms that you are looking for. Placing the search term in quotes asks the search engine for a match ONLY based on the terms within the quotes.

Unless the search engine selected can accept plain English which a growing number of search engines can searching a search term not placed in quotes would result in a search for EVERY term in the search box. This obviously would not lead to an efficient search. A good starting point for effective internet research is finding an effective search engine. Many different types of search engines are available such as a standard search engine such as www.

A standard search engine such as Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines perform many functions. It may in addition to conducting searches look up phone numbers, create maps, give local news and other functions. As a rule the standard search engine performs searching at a poor to fair level. A true professional researcher would avoid using this type of search engine and instead would use a more suitable search mechanism.

A Meta search engine such as ez2find or vivisimo differs greatly in both capability and usability from a general search engine. Instead of using a single search engine a Meta search engine uses several search engines and a filter to come up with the best results using ALL of the search engines. To illustrate some of the fundamental differences between www. Obviously analyzing , hits would be a time consuming unnecessary task.

In addition some Meta search engines such as www. In addition to filtering the results of the search these search engines show the exact subcategories of the search. In the example above if I only wanted New York City tax increases I could see there were 19 results out of the 61 total.

This is a great time saver since I can use this method to zero in on my intended result quickly. In addition to clustering many Meta search engines also have relevancy rankings based on the accuracy of the source found to the question asked.

This is a very helpful feature. Google does not have relevancy or clustering in their search engine. Some search engines will search a space called the invisible web. The web itself is like an iceberg.

An invisible web search engine such as www. Invisible web search engines are a bit quirky in there results. When they are effective they are unparalled in the quality of there searches.

However when they are not effective the search results may seen totally off point. It turns out that most of the best sites for business based research are invisible web based. A good Meta search engine such as www. In summary I will recommend when using search engines a good Meta search engine such as www. This should achieve the best overall search results in the least time possible.

Not all the useful information on the web is available through standard search engines. A large amount of useful information is available through specialized search mechanisms such as the US government search engine www. This search engine is the gateway to all of the websites that are operated by the U.

This underutilized gateway offers complete access to a myriad of free, easily available, and comprehensive government resources. I have found U.

Government databases to be extremely useful. Among the recommended databases that can be reached through www. Another excellent resource is www. A portal into over Federal agencies that compile and release statistics on a variety of topics. Many of the statistics available on this database are unavailable on any other free resource. Department of Commerce at www. Census Department at www. This data can prove extremely valuable to the small business owner who needs to know the demographics of an area before they consider opening up a business.

This site is full of excellent resources related to small businesses. A definite top tier site for people who are interested in starting or maintaining a small business. Jobs are posted here first before they are released to any other source. The CIA is not just for spies it seems. At this site the CIA publishes the excellent World Fact book which as a comprehensive summary of the declassified data on every nation in the world. This resource is an excellent source of data for information on other nations.

I would also recommend a look at your State and Local sites for further data. Another problem that internet researchers have is finding material on companies. It is at times difficult to know where to go to get good usable company information.

The first point that must be considered is whether or not the company is publicly or privately held. If the company is privately held then it is extremely difficult to find reliable data on the company. A possible answer to the problem is the database Reference USA. This pay database has some information on most private companies and can be a good starting point for research. This database is available for FREE at www.

A discussion of library resources will be included later in this paper. For publicly held companies the research is much easier. These reports that are the foundation of all company research are available at www. However the SEC site has these reports in there original format, totally unsummarized or commented on. I have put together a list of good sites that help to interpret and add to the data generated by the SEC.

By going to the stock tab on the top of the site such data as a company report, financial data and insider trading can be seen. I have found this site an excellent source of data on publicly held companies. This site which has information on about stocks not only draws from the business week database, but also draws from several other sites on the web.

This site which was recently purchased by Reuters has an excellent company research area under the stock tab on the home page of the site. The data here is comprehensive and extremely helpful. Even though the best data on this site is pay only there is enough free data including some competitive analysis that makes this site worthwhile as a potential research vehicle. This site not only has a listing of ALL SEC filings but they have included filings by type insider trading and other important data.

Journal of Medical Internet Research JMIR provided a seamless submission and very professional and time efficient and valuable review process. The Editor and reviewers' comments were valuable and really helpful in improving the manuscript pre-publication. Great to experience that support, professionalism, effective and supportive communication and efficiency throughout the review process.

This sets a benchmark for journal submission and review processes for scientific publications. Especially impressive given this is the leading journal in this area and has a high volume of submissions. Journal of Medical Internet Research 7. The review process for this journal was very time-efficient and the editorial office was clear in their email communication.

Having published a protocol with the journal, we are pleased the results paper will appear in the same journal. JMIR offers a rigorous, efficient and fair review process.

The quality of the comments and criticisms from both reviewers was excellent. The reviewers offered constructive feedback, which helped us to improve the paper. Journal of Medical Internet Research 9. I appreciated getting thoughtful feedback from four reviewers. Given that Christmas and New Year comprised the initial review period, and four reviewers provided comments, the initial review was timely.

The comments from one reviewer were extensive, but they did help to improve the manuscript. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2. The review was quick and efficient. Journal of Medical Internet Research 5. The Editor was rapid and directive in his editorial decisions, which was appreciated. Journal of Medical Internet Research 3.

The durations of the reviews were less than 4 weeks, so it is relatively fast. The comments of two reviewers were rigorous and helpful for the improvement of my manuscript, so we revised our paper twice. We extended the revision time once, and the editor was easy to communicate.

The process was very fast, professional and direct. Very professional and prompt responses. I was impressed with the interface for submission and the turnaround on submissions and revisions. Thorough peer- review process. Manuscript greatly improved through the process. I would recommend submitting to the journal Journal of Medical Internet Research 4.

Very efficient review process Journal of Medical Internet Research 4. The review process by JMIR was excellent.

Our manuscript was reviewed carefully, yet quickly enough, by 3 experts.

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