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Deerfield Beach Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey

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❶The mean time to complete the survey is 4.

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Hotel-specific customer survey tools
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Ever fill out a survey and wonder if anyone ever reads it? I was surprised — and thrilled — to see the manager take the survey so seriously. I always learn something from other survey practitioners, and Stephen was kind enough to share with me information about the Hilton Hotel survey program.

In particular, Stephen spoke about how to improve survey response rates, how Hilton uses its survey program to drive customer satisfaction measurement and improvement, and the challenges of international surveys. Stephen, you have an interesting title. What exactly does a Director of Syndicated Customer Research do? We are part of the market research department that covers all the Hilton Family brands.

A colleague in our department handles the custom research including more ad hoc research, conducting focus group research and such. I was in operations for the first half of my career and then got into brand management. For the Hilton full service brand I started doing performance management to track how well the Hilton brand was doing. That got me involved in their Balanced Scorecard and all the performance metrics — financial, revenue, customer service, quality assurance.

I did this for 6 to 7 years. I then started to focus on the customer service levels information, which led to the surveying program and my current job. I started here in early We conduct surveys for all 10 of our brands at close to 3, hotels worldwide.

This past year we have over 1. We partner with Medallia, Inc. Usually we send out the survey 24 to 48 hours after the stay. It was 72 hours a year ago, and then we got it back to 48 hours. Now we send the records [about guests who have completed their stay] to Medallia each night. We have a goal of cutting it back to 24 hours.

The majority of the responses we receive are within 24 hours after sending the email invitations out. Therefore, in most cases we are getting feedback on guest stays within 48 to 72 hours after they have checked out. So there is a higher recollection of the satisfaction with their stay then there would be with a stay 2 to 4 weeks prior.

One of the great things about having 10 different brands is that it allows for experimentation. Each brand has its own survey, so we get to learn about surveying practices from these comparisons. A key goal has been to get our response rate up. For those brands that do have the longer surveys, they have the lower response rates and higher abandonment rates. We need to better and get them down to 7 minutes. That was a change we made in So, that helped us cut down the time of the survey, and gave us better data.

So, how sensitive is the length of the survey questionnaire to the response rate? The longest survey is for the Hilton full service brand.

The mean time to complete the survey is For this brand the response rate is The shortest survey is for the Waldorf Astoria Collection. The mean time to complete the survey is 4. I think the length of the surveys impacts future response rates. There is a lag. The Hilton brand is the lowest at How do you decide who gets a survey invitation? Or do you send an invitation out to every guest? Our goal is to get a certain number of responses for each hotel each month.

We do random sampling to get our invitation list, and we target the same mix of Hilton Honors members versus non-members. One of the controls we have in place is to not over-survey a customer. If they stay within a particular brand, we will not survey them more than once every 30 days. We have several different rules in place. For example, we maintain also an opt-out list. You can create surveys yourself or ask Guestfolio to help you structure questions to capture the most relevant data to meet specific needs.

To speed up responding to guest reviews, you can also set-up automated responses that are triggered when a survey score falls below your own pre-determined level. With more than 19, customers, ReviewPro is one of the most popular survey tools for the hotel industry.

To help improve the guest experience while on property, ReviewPro also offers in-stay questionnaires that offer the ability to quickly survey customers and respond to potential service issues. Surveys can also be customized in up to 36 languages, a useful tool for hotels that regularly attract overseas guests.

While creating customizable surveys can end up being pretty time-consuming, Revinate makes life easier with a series of drag-and-drop tools. Revinate also has a mobile app, so you can delve into guest satisfaction data on the move.

Online reviews and surveys can also be brought together in a single dashboard, which is ideal for getting a complete overview of satisfaction levels and trends. The survey tools that eZee iFeedback create for the hotel industry are particularly impressive.

Surveys can be uniquely created for websites, tablets, and smartphones, and they can also be integrated into touchscreen kiosks around your hotel. This can obviously be hugely beneficial for capturing feedback as customers move around specific areas of a property. The ability to produce multilingual forms is also a distinct advantage of using eZee iFeedback, while integration with social media channels means guest responses can also be published to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

With more than 20 million customers, SurveyMonkey is one of the biggest and most trusted survey tools out there. It provides the flexibility to create simple polls for gaining a snapshot of customer opinion, but you go much deeper and create complex, multi-question surveys that deliver more detailed insights. If you need a little inspiration, there are hundreds of pre-written questions to choose from as well as hundreds of templated questionnaires that can each be quickly customized.

SurveyMonkey also has a free version that comes with 10 questions and responses. Hotels will also appreciate the fact that surveys can be sent to customers across a range of platforms. Embed them on your website, send them over email or post them to social media accounts to reach customers at key points in their travel journey. The beauty of ClickInsights is its simplicity.

You email customers just one multi-choice question with up to 10 different responses. Customers give answers simply by clicking or tapping within the email. After sending their response, customers are then directed to a customized thank you page. With its breezy 1 question format, ClickInsights is fast to set up and requires minimal effort on the part of guests—a go-to option for gaining rapid feedback.

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Deerfield Beach Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey Overall Experience Personal information collected is used solely for serving request . CUSTOMER SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE HOTEL: NAME OF THE OUTLATE: DATE: GENDER: NAME OF CUSTOMER: AGE: I would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete this Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire to help me to know the desired level and expected level of customer satisfaction for my project.5/5(4).