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❶Be specific about achievements. In , enrolled in graduate school to pursue Nurse Practitioner credentials.


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Fully licensed and in good standing to practice in the state of Florida. Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine. Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. Highlighted Continuing Education Coursework. Acupuncture License License Number: Diplomate of Oriental Medicine Dipl. Acute Care Nurses - EX. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with 20 years of total experience working in acute and critical care. Intimately familiar with emergency care and able to perform under urgent and high-stress conditions.

An excellent team player who has received glowing reviews from past employers and colleagues. Possess all valid credentials to immediately begin contributing to a hospital or urgent care facility. Nursing Familiar with major equipment found in emergency care units, including monitors, ventilators, and patient record systems, receiving continual training on new models and devices. Interpersonal Skills Extensive experience working in team environments, and collaborating with emergency physicians, triage staff, and additional hospital departments.

Excellent bedside manner with patients and families. Professionalism Attentive to detail, with an excellent record for accurately documenting patient charts and treatment plans.

Intimately familiar with HIPAA policies and have strictly complied with patient privacy guidelines throughout career.

Accustomed to the high-stress environment of an emergency room, and experienced in remaining calm and composed when interacting with patients and colleagues. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Acute Care Registered Nurse. Attend blood drives in the local area to collect blood from donors. Also help with setup of equipment, delegation of tasks to nurse volunteers, and raising awareness of hospital and emergency medical care.

Temporarily left nursing in to stay at home and raise twin sons. In , enrolled in graduate school to pursue Nurse Practitioner credentials. Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Adapted Physical Education Spe. Passionate about working with physically and mentally disabled students, and helping them achieve competencies with physical tasks.

Highly knowledgeable of best practices for adapted physical education, creating individualized education plans, and the ethical and professional standards of working with disabled students. Established adapted physical education program at the newly constructed Hartwell Elementary School. In the first two years, all students in the program have stayed on track with their IEP's.

While working at Mason Elementary School, spearheaded an effort called "Physical Education for Everyone" to raise awareness in the community of adapted physical education programs.

In , worked in a class specifically designed for high-need physically disabled students, and helped students successfully reach their goals. Have coached a youth Special Olympics team since , building further experience in working with mental and cognitively disabled children. Adapted Physical Education Instructor. Brand new school constructed in Tasked with building the school's adapted physical education program to serve 14 physically and mentally disabled students.

Program has performed above the standards set forth by the county, and all students have remained on track with their individualized education plans.

Worked with two additional instructors to create activities and programs for students. Class sizes ranged from 8 to 20 students. Also initiated a program called "Physical Education for Everyone" to promote awareness of adapted physical education among students and the community. Created physical education IEP's, hosted classes, and updated reports in school's records system.

Worked with parents and other special education teachers to understand students' needs and provide specialized activities to keep them engaged. Began career teaching physical education to students in grades Kindergarten through grade 3.

Due to high demand, helped as a teaching assistant in a special education classroom and developed an interest in working with special needs students. Left role in to pursue a master's degree in special education and specialize in adapted physical education.

Master of Arts in Special Education. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Coached soccer team for mentally impaired youth, applying many practices and techniques used in the classroom. Have participated in over 20 games to date, including the annual soccer tournament.

Adhesive Bonding Machine Opera. Be specific about achievements. Instead of saying that you "served customers," describe how many, how you served them, and in what setting. Focus on achievements rather than duties. Typos are a no-no; edit your documents thoroughly and have them reviewed by a career counselor before you submit them. Both the resume and cover letter are marketing tools meant to get you an interview.

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Also help with setup of equipment, delegation of tasks to nurse volunteers, and raising awareness of hospital and emergency medical care. – Stay-at-Home Mother Temporarily left nursing in to stay at home and raise twin sons. Save time and help students learn using the power of wapji99.tkre online market for The Woodlands Jobs, Employment, Help Wanted, The Woodlands Texas Jobs, Resumes, and wapji99.tktly create a resume with the help of our industry best resume resumes are accomplishment focused and solutions oriented.

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